Plaka Villas, στο Λεωνίδιο

Plaka Villas – Fully Furnished Self-Contained Accommodation
Only 200 meters from Plaka beach and 500 meters from Plaka port and restaurants.
Plaka is the picturesque port of Leonidio, situated 4km from the town. It functions mainly with the help of tourism (gas and water are supplied), but a small fishing fleet is also to be found; a well-regarded beach lies 4km across the shore. The port takes in a number of taverns and bars immediately adjacent to the sea, while every August, it also hosts the «Tsakonian Eggplant Festival», attracting well-known chefs from across Europe and achieving ever-growing popularity.
In 2002, the EU awarded Leonidio one of the 326 blue flags for the improved quality of its beaches. In 1997, a Greek Government program led to the removal of 17,000 tons of garbage from 879 kilometers of beaches in Greece. Leonidion’s blue flag can be found in the center of the Marina. Leonidio has had the fortune to be given this award for almost fourteen years in a row. Boasting one of the cleanest beaches in all of Greece.

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